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If you are opening a ticket to join VIP for the first time please read this.
Your login details will be sent in your thread.

Purchasing Access
If you want to buy VIP access go to the State Wins shop and purchase the New VIP product.
We only accept cryptocurrency at this time. Other methods will be added eventually with limited availability and premium price, please don't make a thread asking about other methods.
In the "Order notes (optional)" field enter your username.

After purchase please open a thread and include the Order Number. You only have to do this once, purchasing more points will be credited instantly after this.
Points are how you unlock VIP and MEGA links. 90 points will last you around a month of VIP access, 270 points is 3 months. This is assuming you use it on every post, if you are selective it will last longer.

Submitting an Album
If you want to submit an album for access upload it to and include the link in your thread.
Please look at the quality of the albums on our site, especially VIP ones. These are the type of albums that will be accepted for VIP membership. Do not submit albums you found on popular sites, they've already been submitted or I have them.

A good decent album will generally give you at least 270 points, or around 3 months, of VIP access. Exclusive or rare albums will give you over a year.
You can include name only before submitting to make sure I don't already have. If you submit an album that isn't new to me and I then post it to website do not complain about being scammed!

Legitimate OC
VIP+ for only original content will open soon. Do not submit true oc for regular vip.
This is not yet open.

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